Sales Management Software
and Sales Tracking Software

Manage your customers more effectively, before, during and after the sales process.

Managing quotes through the Jim2 Job Costing software is simple, making the sale process even easier. The Jim2 Business Engine Retail Point of Sale feature links your
cash drawers/tills, barcode and serial number scanning, integrated docket printers, retail security and till reconciliation.

Jim2 Business Engine lets you simplify and streamline your sales processes so you concentrate on what really matters for your business – making the sales!


No need for a separate POS software or daily ‘upload’ of your sales data – Jim2 sales tracking software includes a fully featured point of sale module including barcode scanning, sales docket printing and till reconciliation. Read more at POS Retail Software

Sales Tracking Reporting

Jim2 Sales Tracking software features put sales analysis at your fingertips:

  • Live Stock Profit reporting by stock, account manager or salesperson, Ccustomer, GL – filtered by any combination of product and customer grouping, sales and servicing, stock location, supplier, kitted product by ‘kit’ or ‘content’, filtering by date range – even filtering by margin!
  • Individual Job Profit reporting summarises all inputs and reports job detail, stock profit and time analysis by status .
  • Total Sales for any given period can be shown in summary via the Sales Register.
  • Live Profit & Loss can be analysed by branch, sub-branch and/or GL department.
  • Quote Lists sorted by probability % and using ‘show total’ will produce an excellent sales team meeting report, indicating upcoming sales in a realistic way.

Customer Relationship Management

Jim2 incorporates a fully featured CRM Solution:

  • Jim2 lets you apply multiple identities to each card file – only one file is needed to identify an entity as a customer and/or vendor and/or user, etc.
  • When selected to be a customer and vendor, separate trading terms for selling and purchasing can be selected.
  • Each card file can contain multiple contacts (eg. specific people within one organisation), each with their own multiple contact types (eg. phone, fax, email). 
  • Jim2 can automate contact types recorded within a card file to direct specific documents to specific people. Example: Email Accounts = ensures invoices and statements automatically get addressed to Mary.
  • Use card file lists to filter and sort  card files into meaningful lists that can be used to produce reports, such as mailing labels, or exported for use in emails.
  • Customers are separated into broad 'selling price' demographics.
  • CardFiles can also be assigned (definable) groups to sort, search and report logically. There are 2 different types of groups you can add to card files – Report Level Groups and Non Report Level Groups.
  • Report Level Groups have a distinct relationship to each other, and are structured to form 'ascending' levels (1 down to 5 levels) that can be used to create reports to 'analyse' customer and vendor trends.
  • Non Report Level Groups are very general and very useful for gathering slightly more 'fluid' information from your card files. Non Report Level Groups can include useful generalisations (level 0). Example: customers can be flagged as enthusiasts, big spenders, belonging to social groups or organisations.
  • Customers can be assigned an ‘Account Manager’ from your team. Jim2 can use this to filter lists and reports.
  • Series of card files can be set up for billing always/shipping only address relationships. This caters for centrally billed customers (always the debtor) who have multiple sites or stores.

Quote to Sales Cycle Management

  • Convert an accepted quote into a job with the click of a button.
  • Use ‘rea- time’ measurements to monitor the entire sales process.
  • Sales jobs can have their own status table to suit your selling cycle.
  • Sales staff can see the status of linked purchases within the Job Tracking form.
  • Use ‘actual labour’ records on sales to help measure your true profitability.

Top 'X' by Stock or Customer

‘At a Glance’ analysis of your Top X (any number) stock or customers. The Top X Reports can be generated using any combination of:

  • Period
  • Ordered by Sold Value or Profit (or Quantity with Top X Stock)
  • Including all Stock, specific Stock, specified Stock Group/s
  • By Location
  • By Stock Type (labour, depleting, non-depleting, special, applies, kitting).

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