DashboardJim2® Business Dashboard is a Superior Enterprise KPI Reporting and Business Intelligence Tool

Monitor all aspects of your business performance using Jim2 Business Engine. Jim2 Performance Dashboard ships standard with every version of Jim2.

Too busy actually running your business to keep track of the state of your business? Let Jim2 fix that for you. Choose your key figures, reports, feeds and summaries, then sit back and let Jim2 keep you up to date at a glance.

Performance Dashboard 'widgets' (these are the graphs, bar charts, pie charts displayed in the dashboard) can be used for management purposes to monitor the health of your business. The Dashboard will help you to prepare for management meetings, help manage your operations, assist in the workshop, in sales teams and many other purposes.

The Jim2 Business Dashboard is able to display:

  • 'Account' Watch – You can display in graphical format any account  balance from your GL (e.g. sales, assets, expenses)
  • 'Debtors/Creditors' – You can see your debtor and creditor balances (30 days, 60 days, 90 days)
  • 'Status' – Quickly and easily see where all your jobs are up to (eg. Booked, Waiting for Parts, Finished, etc)
  • 'Job' – Quickly view both active jobs or view job statistics over a period.

Other Jim2 Dashboard highlights:

  • Fully customisable, not fixed
  • You can have multiple Dashboards
  • 4 standard widgets (that can make as many graphics as you need)
  • Custom widgets available
  • Security in-line with the security used in email folders, allows you to select users or user security groups when defining access to a Dashboard.

The Jim2 Business Engine Performance Dashboard

Below you can see an example of the fully featured Performance Dashboard in Jim2.

As you can see, from just one Dashboard screen an amazing amount of information about your business is revealed.

Business Analysis Dashboard within Jim2 Business Engine

Look at account balances, sales results, assets, liabilities and more

Assets and Liabilities Tracking in Jim2 Business EngineUse the Performance Dashboard 'Account Watch' in Jim2 to see the balance in any account from your GL.

Compare this year's sales to last year's, assets vs liabilities and much more.

Set up your Account Watch widget to look up any account individually, or even compare it to another account or financial period – be it day, month, quarter or year.


Examine the status of your jobs – instantly!

Monitor the progress of jobs for your service team using Jim2 Business Engine

Use the Performance Dashboard in Jim2 to see exactly where you are up to in terms of open jobs – absolutely essential for service based businesses.

You can then double click the coloured parts of the graph, and look at the Job list that goes into making up each of the statuses.

Experience total drill-down, and total transparency into the service side of your business with Jim2.


Display jobs accurately

Keep track of jobs in progressfor your service team with Jim2 Business Engine

Use the Jobs Dashboard in Jim2 to display active jobs, or view job statistics over a period.

Usage includes:

  • All active jobs by region
  • All active sales jobs by account manager
  • All invoice jos for X days grouped by name displayed monthly.



Monitor Debtors and Creditors in Jim2

One of the keys to controlling cashflow is to manage your debtors and carefully monitor your creditors.

With Jim2, we make it fast and easy to get a feel for who owes you money, and to whom you have to pay.

Easily look up overdue accounts, invoices; analyse customers on credit hold and customers who are over their credit limit.

Jim2 Performance Dashboard offers full customisation

Customise the Jim2 Dasboard

Set up the Jim2 Performance Dashboard exactly the way you want to see it.

Using the simple Dashboard customisation controls in Jim2, you will have your own custom view set up in no time.

You can resize any of the widgets, group them together, lock them or allow free resizing. These controls give you total freedom over the way you display your data.

Jim2 Performance Dashboard allows for true customisation.

If you would like more information on the Jim2 Dashboard, or a demonstration of how Jim2 can help you better manage your business, please fill the form below and we will be in touch.


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