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In-product help

Access Jim2 Online Help from F1 within Jim2, select from the main menu or here.


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Additional Resources

Technical requirements, basic skills, how to's, release notes, and more below.

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Jim2® Basic Skills 

Jim2 Navigation & Workflow
Jim2 Keyboard Shortcuts


Add a CardFile
Quick Add a CardFile
Browse for a CardFile
View or Edit a CardFile
Create a CardFile List


Add Stock
Browse for a Stock Code
Create a Stock List
View or Edit Stock


Add a Job
Create a Job List
View or Edit a Job
View Job and Add Comments
View Job and Add Stock Codes
View Job and Add Stock When Insufficient Stock
Add a Return From Customer

Purchases and Returns

Add a Purchase Order
Add an Expense Order
Auto Create a Purchase Order from a Job
Receive Stock on a Purchase Order
Pack stock from a PO


Create a Quote
Create a Quote List
Add Stock To a Quote
Create a Job from a Quote
Create Similar Quote


Create an Item
Create an Item List
View or Edit an Item
Add Stock to an Item


Set up Email
Send and Receive Emails
Create a Job or Quote from an Email
Link an Email to a Jim2 Object
Create an Email Template


Add a Document
Check Out/In Documents
Documents and Email

eBusiness Setups

eBusiness Framework Installation Notes
eBusiness Connect Installation Notes

Technical Requirements

Jim2 On-Premises Technical Requirements
Jim2.Cloud Technical Requirements

Latest Update

Jim2 Latest Update

End of Financial Year

Clear the Historical Balancing Account
Closing the Financial Year Checklist
Closing the Financial Year Checklist New Zealand
Accountants - End of Year Adjustments

Jim2 How To

Accounts Type Functions
ATO - Reportable Sub-Contractor Payments
Branches - Branch Setup
Branches - Sub-Branches and GL
Departments Explanation
Bill NZ Invoices to Handle NZ GST
CardFile Contact Types
Change from Cash to Accrual GST Reporting
Clear Small Debtor Balances
Clear Small Creditor Balances
Credit Card Charge Using Stock
Debtors Auto Credit Hold
Debtors/Creditors Contras
Debtor Management
Eftpos Integration Set Up
General Factoring Procedure with SPDF
How to Print a General Ledger Transaction Report
Manage Petty Cash
Manufacture Refurbished Parts
Manufacturing vs Kitting vs Packaging
Preparing for a Stocktake
Purchasing an Asset under Finance
Record a BAS Payment or Refund
Record Deferred GST on Imports
Record Overseas Purchases
Record Vendor Rebates
Record One Invoice on Multiple Purchase Orders
Restore Your Training Database from your Live Database
See Stock Costs in a Dynamic Kit
Sell and Redeem Gift Certificates
Sell an Asset
Send and Receive Emails from Jim2
Set Up and Use a Dashboard
Stock Synchronisation
Suggested Jim2 End of Month Procedures
Superannuation Salary Sacrifice
Tabs in Stock
Tips for Managing Database Size
Using Stock Attributes
Use Journal Stock for Progress Claims
Understanding Debits and Credits
Use Your Own Inventory
Working with Tax Codes in Jim2
Writing off a Bad Debt from a Customer

Release Notes

Jim2 BE v4.3 Release Notes
Jim2 BE v4.2 Release Notes
Jim2 BE v4.1 release notes
Jim2 BE v4.0 release notes
Jim2 BE v3.3 release notes
Jim2 BE v3.3 MPS release notes
Jim2 BE v3.2 service release notes
Jim2 BE v3.2 release notes
Jim2 BE v3.1 release notes
Jim2 BE v3.0 service release notes
Jim2 BE v3.0 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.19 service release notes
Jim2 BE v2.19 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.18 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.17 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.16 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.15 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.14 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.12 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.11 service release notes
Jim2 BE v2.11 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.10 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.09 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.08 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.07 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.06 release notes
Jim2 BE v2.05 release notes

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