Automate Your Photocopier Meter Reads Today with Jim2® eBusiness Meter Reads

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads is an easy, user-friendly way for your clients to submit monthly photocopier meter reads. Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads is included with Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition. Its easy-to-use webpage format links seamlessly with the Jim2 Business Engine, saving hours every month in data entry.

Happen Business, developers of Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition, have  taken the hassle out of collecting your monthly meter reads. 

What is Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads?

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads offers a significant enhancement to your ability to service your customers electronically. As part of the Jim2 eBusiness Suite, Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads is fully integrated with your Jim2 Business Engine ERP system. Data entered by your customers is automatically added to your Jim2 database without any need for your staff’s involvement.

Some of the key points of Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads are:

  • Meter or page count request emailed to your customer directly from Jim2 Business Engine. Your customer enters meter reads via a web page which feeds into Jim2 automatically.
  • Customisable web page meter read entry screen, allowing you to brand and modify your web page.
  • Built in error checking to prevent customer data entry mistakes, and ensuring correct billing.
  • Eliminates time consuming data entry by your staff each billing cycle.
  • Automatically creates your billing jobs in Jim2, ready for invoicing.
  • And many, many more features (more details can be found in the Fact Sheet).

What are the Benefits to Your Business?

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads will give you the ability to significantly reduce your staff’s data entry time. Some of the other benefits you can expect are:

  • Cost savings through reduced administration time.
  • Improved data entry accuracy due to reduced operator involvement.
  • Improved customer service by making it easy to supply reads.
  • Minimise billing errors through improved data entry.
  • Fully integrated with your Jim2 Business Engine accounting system.
  • Expand your electronic commerce with your customers with other Jim2 eBusiness applications.


Meter Read/Copy Count Software Integration

Being part of a complete managed print wervices solution, Happen Business has partnered with industry leading manufacturers and third party MPS tools to make collecting meter reads a walk in the park.

Jim2 MPS integrates with:

We can integrate with your MPS meter read/device management software too! Please call us on 02 9570 4696


Make it easy for your Customers to supply their meter counts to you

One of the key benefits to your business is improved customer service.

The advanced eBusiness capabilities of Jim2 make it easy for anyone to do business with you. Having Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads means that your customers can access their copier information and enter their meter counts on screen without leaving their desk.

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads in detail

Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition already incorporates many time saving and powerful features specifically developed for the photocopier and office equipment industry.

Features such as:

  • Unique Jim2 generated, or user definable, machine/equipment ID.
  • Serial tracking of equipment and parts.
  • Related and default stock.
  • Unlimited contract/plan types.
  • View all jobs (active and invoiced) related to a machine.
  • Unlimited meter types.
  • Automated meter request via email/fax/print/phone.
  • Rapid meter read data entry via machine lists.
  • Consolidated invoices.
  • Watchouts and warnings.
  • Built in scheduler and much more.

Works with Jim2 eBusiness Service

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads works seamlessly with Jim2 eBusiness Service (optional). Jim2 eBusiness Service allows customers to log service jobs via the web, and includes additional photocopier related features including ‘Request Service’ and ‘Request Consumables’.

To find out more about Jim2 eBusiness Service and how it can complement Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads in your business, please click here.

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