Link your E-Commerce Website with Jim2® Business Engine

Do you have a great looking website with a web store? Does your web store lack integration with your accounting package?

Jim2 eBusiness Link is an option from Happen Business that seamlessly integrates into Jim2 Business Engine, connecting your webstore to your Accounting system, avoiding re-keying Account Customer orders from your webstore into your Accounting or ERP system

What does this mean and what are the benefits of linking your webstore to Jim2®?

  • Time Savings – No more re-keying orders
  • Automation– Set and forget, orders go directly into your Jim2 Accounts
  • Integration – Immediate productivity increase by integrating what previously would have been entirely separate operations within your business
  • Less Mistakes – Manually re-keying data like web orders into another system can introduce transpositional errors
  • Instant Information and Web Business Analysis – Run live reports at any time on your web business and calculate total web orders at the press of a button

True eBusiness webstore integration from Happen Business... available now

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