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Jim2 MPS Connectors directly integrate your Jim2 Business Engine with:

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Bullet   Fuji Xerox XPPS
Bullet   Konica Minolta
Bullet   Konica Direct
Bullet   Kyocera
Bullet   Print Audit
Bullet   PrintFleet
Bullet   PrintSolv FM Audit
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Bullet   Ricoh Direct
Bullet   Sharp
Bullet   Toshiba eCC
Bullet   Toshiba Direct
Bullet   Generic CSV and XML

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Jim2® Managed Print Services Connectors: Kyocera

Kyocera has partnered with Happen Business to bring you industry leading automation in data collection and meter billing to your managed print services business

Jim2 MPS Connector for Kyocera empowers managed print services dealers like you to offer customers a unique selling proposition with the confidence that billing and invoicing is completely taken care of by your business management software.

Kyocera’s three tiered billing and Jim2 enable you to offer a tailored CPC billing structure to your customers, which reflects their actual colour usage, while your software takes care of the rest. Jim2 continues to automate your workflow into billing and invoicing, allowing your team to focus on the more important tasks – assisting your customers.


Kyocera Three Tier Colour Coverage

Many current service maintenance agreements bill customers the same price for using a small amount of colour as they do for full colour coverage. The Kyocera Three Tier Colour Coverage system completely changes the conventional pricing model, by only charging your customers for the actual colour coverage they print.

The TASKalfa colour range enables you to track and measure three meters for colour page counts based on coverage:

  • Basic (Low)
  • Office (Medium)
  • Creative (High).

Plus a fourth meter for mono printing.


See the benefits to your business

Jim2 MPS Connector for Kyocera brings immense money saving measures and visibility to your business, including:

  • Comprehensive billing structure offering clarity to usage and pricing
  • Automation offering significant savings to administration, eliminating re-keying and associated errors
  • Improved customer service, making it simple to supply reads, and provide a breakdown of colour usage
  • Fully integrated into your accounting system, including automated billing, and machine profit and loss reports.

Automate billing with Jim2

Three Tier Colour Coverage is seamless when paired with Jim2. Once your three colour meters are set, your machines will automatically email through their page counts directly to your Jim2 database. Jim2 intelligently picks the machines' page counts and processes them into your back end, without manual intervention.

Upon selecting to bill your customers, at the click of a button, each customer will receive their itemised invoice including:

  • CPC for each meter including the number of pages printed
  • Total cost for all three colour meters, and the black meter
  • Even have the option to consolidate multiple machines on one invoice for your larger sites
  • Plus, charge for master contracts handling minimum monthly volumes, and handling overs and unders reconciliation

This means that you can bill the CPC for three levels of colour coverage, charging only for the amount of colour used, in an automated workflow, fully supported by the powerful Jim2 MPS Edition.

The total process is completed automatically, making it easy to set up, easy to manage, and brings you greater visibility.

Jim2 drills down to a machine-centric view, looking after all activities related to a specific machine including the original sale, page counts, billing by colour or black and white, sales related to that machine, and all service and maintenance jobs.

Jim2 MPS Edition and MPS Connector for Kyocera are a perfect match, with the ability to:

  • Easily manage thousands of machines that operate on standard or time and material contracts
  • Monitor an unlimited number of counters per machine, ideal for the Kyocera Three Tier Colour Coverage system
  • Set up new machines on the new billing system with ease, using Jim2 templates. This feature enables you to set default pricing and meter configurations as a template, to easily be applied to new machines and contracts upon setup. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of adding new machines

Billing and profit reports

With enhanced billing capabilities brought to you by the MPS Connector for Kyocera, Jim2 MPS Edition brings you the ability to produce detailed profit reporting for any date range on:

  • A specific machine by ID or serial number
  • All machines for a specific customer
  • All machines at a specific site
  • A specific machine make or model
  • A specific contract type.

Partnership between Kyocera and Happen Business brings you a range of pricing options to suit each of your customers' colour printing behaviours, while protecting your profits and customer MIF, saving you time.

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