NEW! MPS Connectors

Jim2 MPS Connectors directly integrate your Jim2 Business Engine with:

Bullet   Canon eMaintenance
Bullet   Fuji Xerox XPPS
Bullet   Konica Minolta
Bullet   Konica Direct
Bullet   Kyocera
Bullet   Print Audit
Bullet   PrintFleet
Bullet   PrintSolv FM Audit
Bullet   Ricoh @Remote
Bullet   Ricoh Direct
Bullet   Sharp
Bullet   Toshiba eCC
Bullet   Toshiba Direct
Bullet   Generic CSV and XML

Click any of the above for more information on how Jim2 integrates with leading MPS tools to streamline your processes.

Jim2® Managed Print Services Connectors

Automate your meter read processing and billing, and automatically generate service or consumables requests via Jim2 MPS Connectors and your relevant hardware service.

Meter read software/hardware automatically collects meter reads (or copy counts) from a printer or photocopier under contract, and transmits the information back to the business that supplies and maintains the machine.

Jim2 MPS Connectors fully integrate with an extensive range of third party proprietary systems and branded hardware directly to gather this information and automate processing.

Jim2 Email integration can also automatically book a service or consumable request based on device emails, or any other email for that matter.

Jim2 can also import generic .xml and .csv files directly, allowing the automatic creation of customer billing, eliminating data entry errors and saving time.


Jim2 Meter Read Connectors

Jim2  Managed Print Services Edition currently integrates with the following MPS tools:

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