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Jim2 MPS Connectors directly integrate your Jim2 Business Engine with:

Bullet   Canon eMaintenance
Bullet   Fuji Xerox XPPS
Bullet   Konica Minolta
Bullet   Konica Direct
Bullet   Kyocera
Bullet   Print Audit
Bullet   PrintFleet
Bullet   PrintSolv FM Audit
Bullet   Ricoh @Remote
Bullet   Ricoh Direct
Bullet   Sharp
Bullet   Toshiba eCC
Bullet   Toshiba Direct
Bullet   Generic CSV and XML

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Jim2® Managed Print Services Connectors: Canon eMaintenance

Jim2 MPS Connector for Canon eMaintenance electronically imports the meter read (copy count) information collected by Canon’s eMaintenance software and incorporates this into the Jim2 database.

Canon eMaintenance allows you to take complete control of all your Canon devices, whilst simultaneously reducing administration burdens, increasing up-time for your printers and copiers, and helping you to optimise the productivity of your Canon equipment.

Features of Canon's eMaintenance:

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Consumables management
  • Performance evaluation of individual machines
  • Data security.
Canon's remote monitoring and management of machines is designed to:
  • Provide reduced administration and less errors
  • Give total control over your customers' fleets
  • Provide increased 'up' time.

“We now have 2000 machines under contract, and the savings recorded using Jim2 Managed Print Services
each month in overhead costs are unparalleled.”

Ashley Baxter, Director, Sheather & Merrigan Business Equipment, Canon Dealer

Advantages For Canon Dealers Who Use Jim2 MPS Edition

Canon meter reads

  • Separate black meter count
  • Separate total meter count
  • Jim2 will then calculate the colour meter count.

Debtors/creditors contra

  • Sorts out your Canon rebate reconciliation easily
  • Allows you to apply credits against your Canon account quickly and easily
  • Produces mandatory Canon reports quickly.
Electronic ordering with Canon online
  • Create and upload Purchase Orders to Canon’s online ordering system.

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