Jim2® User Interface

The user interface in Jim2 is easily recognisable, appealing and easy to use!

Jim2 Business Engine sports the very latest Office-style interface with a clean, flat look that brings familiarity to your day.

Jim2 Ribbon

With a quick access ribbon across the top of your screen, easily navigate your way around the Jim2 workspace. Select one of the many headings to find a range of actions and key navigation quick links, like create a list, add an object, create a new email, and more. Use the Search Ribbon field to find what you're looking for in the Ribbon.

The menu look displayed in Jim2 Business Engine top

Central navigation menu to keep track of tasks within this ERP Package Lists

A key organisational tool to Jim2, Lists empower you to arrange activities into active queues. Create a simple on-the-spot list, 'pin' your list to make it available every time you log in, set your list to refresh at regular intevals, and 'publish' lists to a group of users.

Lists can serve a number of purposes: create a customer list, a list of your jobs in progress, a list of booked service jobs waiting to be started, a list of hot leads, a list of running projects, and more.

Navigation Tree

Keep your activities and lists in one place. Jim2 is a powerful workflow tool that helps you to organise jobs, quotes and more into statuses and queues, using Lists.

One of the great things about Jim2 is that you can monitor a range of activities at the same time. The Jim2 Navigation Tree is a centralised location for you to jump to the information that matters.

Using tools to personalise your 'Nav Tree', save organised lists of jobs that are booked, in progress or finished, or new leads that have come in this week, in progress or are near closing, find your tasks nicely accessible from the Nav Tree.

With such a wealth of information, a range of cool usability features lets you easily rearrange the order of headings and lists, and collapse and expand the Nav Tree to keep your tasks uncluttered and accessible.


Follow-Me Access

Log out of Jim2, and when you log back in you're right back where you left off. The beauty of Jim2 navigation tree and follow-me access is that any changes you make to the navigation tree on your desktop are also mirrored when you log in to Jim2 Mobile. You simply know where everything is.



Superior search capabilities help you to find what you need, when you need it. The Jim2 intelligent search function allows you to search your business information for contacts, jobs, stock, quotes, purchases, comments, vendor stock, debtors, creditors and more.

There's nothing worse than wading through masses of information to find what you need, especially in time-critical business situations. Jim2 Business Engine helps you to quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Search functionality within Jim2 Business Engine


Quick Counts

At the bottom of the Jim2 workspace you will find tabs which include a tally of the number of documents, notes, labour, tasks, and watchouts associated to your record. Another feature helping you to quickly navigate around important information.

Navigation tabs at the footer of the Jim2 screen top

Watchout Messages

Jim2 Watchout messages have been designed in such a way that they don't steal focus when you are working in Jim2. Watch out messages pop up at the most important times, to keep your staff notified of important flags to know or avoid.


Skin Colour and Accent selection

In the name of keeping things simple, differentiate between different databases by selecting different skin colours and accents to quickly flag each one. Perhaps one is training and the other is work, always know immediately which one you’re in.

Different colour modes with Jim2 Business Engine


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