Dispatch lists from invoiced jobs

This feature allows you to create dispatch lists or shipping manifests based on invoiced jobs and the method you wish to use to ship them.

You can also produce run sheets and labels for couriers directly from within Jim2, and edit on the fly as needed too!

Dispatch is based on a 'session', ie. you create a list of orders/jobs that need to be shipped, select which ones you wish to dispatch (based on, say, carrier), then click to save and finalise. A Dispatch Session is then created and can be printed or exported as required.

Dispatch setups

Control of what is actually ‘dispatchable’ is defined at a ‘Ship Via’ level. For example, ship via ‘Collect’ or ‘Email’ are not likely candidates, whereas couriers and drivers would be.

Dispatch and Jobs

The Invoice Details tab on jobs handles the Dispatch functionality. The Ship Attn, Carton Count, Order# (Customer Ref), Ship Via and Ship Ref# will all carry through to the Dispatch Session. If your job was created from a quote, this information can also originate from the quote.

Invoice details

An invoice's order# (customer reference), Ship Attn, Ship Via and Ship Ref# will carry through to the Dispatch Session.

For an invoice/job to be in the Dispatch List it needs to be:

  • Invoiced
  • Not previously dispatched
  • Using a Dispatch Ship Via
  • Either ‘depleting’ or ‘special’ stock and/or have carton value greater than zero.

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