Kitting and Packaging Kitting and Packaging for Production Planning and Production Management

Do you assemble finished products from various suppliers' parts? Need to bundle inventory and accurately monitor COGS?

Jim2 Business Engine features unique Kitting and Packaging software, making it a breeze to combine a range of inventory into a unique 'bundle' when quoting and selling.

Jim2 Production Planning software is able to 'hide' the component parts of an assembly job into one finished product. This is especially useful for recording production management information, and bundling all the parts used in a finished job, without displaying the components on the invoice.

Jim2 includes three different ways to kit products together:

  • Dynamic Kitting, which allows you to drag and drop products in an ad hoc fashion into and out of the kit frame when quoting or selling. Customers can return individual components from the kit for replacement or credit

  • Static Kitting or ‘Just-in-time manufacturing’, which does not allow ad hoc changes to the kit’s content when quoting or selling. Customers must return the whole kit for replacement or credit

  • Packaging products together to create quantity on hand of uniquely identified kits

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