Quoting, Job Costing and Estimating Software

Take the hassle out of your business paperwork – easily create quotes and invoices, as well as tracking sales and sales probability in Jim2 Business Engine.

Creating sales quotes and invoices are necessary but time-consuming parts of any business. Jim2 Job Costing software makes job costing a breeze, then uses that information to monitor conversions from probable sales to actual sales, followed by streamlined invoicing. Simple, brilliant!

Quoting Software

Track the entire sales process from first contact to final sale with the easy to use Jim2 Quote form. The information and conversations recorded on the Quote
form are used to:

  • Monitor sales progress.

  • Create a formal document for the customer
    to review and approve.

  • Create reports and statistics for your own
    company use on probability for sales.

  • Analyse quote reject rates, and typically to
    produce an ‘accepted’ quote on stock and pricing that can be turned into a job and Invoiced.

The Jim2 Quote form is divided into 3 areas:

  • The Quote Header is used to record customer details, ‘required date’ and ‘valid until’ date, the name of the staff member adding the quote, the customer’s account manager, a percentage indicator for the probability of acceptance on that quote, status of the quote overall.
  • The Comment Grid is for the use of your staff to record text commentary needed to convey (internal use) messages on any aspect of the quote. Note: These individual comments can be emailed about the work group or reproduced in full for accurate quality records. All emails relating to the quote are also shown in the Comment Grid, making it easy to locate everything.
  • The Stock Grid is for the allocation of stock includinginventory, labour charges, tests and checks.
  • A Cost Tab is available for your staff to nominate negotiated vendor rates and preferred vendor for the product being quoted. This information will transpose directly to the job created (on quote acceptance) and consequent auto-create purchase irder.
  • A Text Tab is available for your staff to add personalised text to the quote. Default text (such as your company trading terms and conditions) can be preset to insert automatically into every quote.

The Quote form contains specific fields where information can be defaulted (using preset options and setups), or specifically entered by users. As any quote is entered into the quoting software, it is tracked in real time. Each ‘edit’ is tracked with an automatic time/date/initial stamp.

Using Jim2 Quoting software is a breeze. Below you will see a 'Quote' screenshot from Jim2 of the sales process. Each step is recorded as the salesperson goes through the various stages.

Jim2 Quoting and Job Costing Software for Australian Businesses

Estimating Software for Quote Management

  • Jim2 is supplied with an assortment of quote (report) layouts, suited to standard A4 paper. Using Report Designer, you can create your own layout if preferred.
  • Quotes can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from your desktop. Emailed documents are automatically converted to a PDF attachment on a standard email, where you have the choice to add a general email body text.
  • Lists of quotes ‘in progress’ (not yet accepted or rejected) can be monitored and followed up by sales staff using status change and status due sorting.
  • Quote lists sorted by probability %, and using ‘show total’ will produce an excellent sales team meeting report, indicating upcoming sales in a realistic way.
  • Rejected quotes add to overall performance statistics – how or why quotes are rejected provides valuable information to management and sales teams.

Integrated Software

Of course, getting the quote out is just the start. Jim2 Job Management software helps you ensure your jobs come in on time, and on quote. Jim2 incorporates workflow, job costing, accounting and business analysis, making the tracking, management and costing of every job as comprehensive and effortless as possible. Read more about Jim2 Job Tracking.

More info: Is your core business provision of job-based services? Jim2 Service Software has unique features that enable service industry businesses to manage their workflow, efficiently track labour and stock, and analyse all aspects of their service business. Read more about Service Management Software.

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