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Gain control of your warehouse, deliver better customer service and control labour costs with Jim2 inventory management system.

Jim2 Business Engine is designed for Australian warehousing, distribution and import/export businesses looking to streamline their warehouse and distribution, and create an efficient inventory-oriented business.

Just as an example, one of our distribution clients, Nak, has millions of dollars in stock in several distibution centres throughout Australia.

With those kinds of numbers, having an effective, efficient inventory software, or inventory management system, is imperative. Jim2 helps Nak maintain its profitability and efficiency by telling management which products are selling and which are taking up shelf and warehouse space.

The Jim2 inventory system ensures you always have enough of what you want, and balances that goal against your financial need to maintain as little stock as possible.

Mis-managed inventory means disappointed customers, too much cash tied up in warehouse and distribution, and slower sales.

If you have:

  • an extensive range of products
  • geographically separated distribution centres
  • a requirement for 'Just In Time' assembly

then Jim 2 can help you get your stock control under control.

Jim2 inventory management software has the ability to track sales and available inventory, communicate with suppliers in near real time, receive and incorporate other data, such as seasonal demand, tell you when it's time to reorder and how much to purchase. Jim2 is also flexible, allowing for your line manager's intuition.

To achieve this, Jim2 pulls together several technologies into one cohesive approach.

Key features:

  • Live, FIFO (First In First Out) stock control
  • Inward goods landed costing
  • Bill of materials (BOM) manufacturing
  • Dynamic and static kitting
  • Serial number tracking
  • Batch tracking
  • Multiple unit measures
  • Stock grouping and analysis
  • Definable selling price levels
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Dispatch, which allows creation of dispatch lists based on invoiced jobs and the method you wish to ship them.

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