Multiple Currencies Jim2® Handles Multiple Currencies
to Help You Manage
Foreign Currency Risk

Capable of handling your business workflow end to end in a global economy.

More than just an accounting product, Jim2 manages:

  • Quoting
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Customer records
  • High level FIFO stock control
  • Live business analysis including productivity reporting
  • Live financials and fully integrated foreign currency transactions and reporting.

If your firm derives a significant part of its turnover from international trade, exchange rate fluctuations can have a major influence upon results. With a high turnover in foreign currencies, those variations can make a big difference between profit and loss. The resources required in maintaining high volumes of multiple currency transactions, and reporting the impact currency fluctuations on them accurately, impacts on your bottom line too.

Jim2 Multicurrency makes it easy for you to manage both unrealised gains and losses (potential changes in the value of overseas transactions) and realised gains and losses (the actual changes in the value of your assets, liabilities and equity that occur when you exchange foreign currency for your local currency) by providing accurate, live transaction reporting as you work.

Jim2 – Making it Easy with Multiple Currencies

Jim2 Multicurrency allows for an unlimited number of definable foreign currencies. Maintenance of exchange rates is easy to manage using the Currency Rate table. Jim2 automates individual spread limit % (swing) and 'out of date' warnings on each currency to ensure accuracy, and encourage vigilance when dealing with the volatility of foreign exchange.

Jim2 Multicurrency removes any need for separate debtor/creditor identities to trade in multiple currencies. The suite of practical documents and professional business reports in Jim2 supports all multiple currency requirements.

The Jim2 Multicurrency Revaluation Session is a professional tool for recording and reporting your foreign currency position. Fully integrated into the functionality of Jim2 Business Engine, this featurereports your unrealised foreign exchange exposure at any point in time, automatically creates the journals required when currencies are revalued, with automatic realisation journals created on full or part payment of invoices.

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