Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Jim2 Business Engine boasts sophisticated CRM capabilities that let you maintain and monitor customer interactions.

Jim2 Business Engine's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you a full 360o view of all customer activity including sales, quotes, notes and tasks.

Jim2 allows you to capture all interactions with your customers and prospects, including all email correspondence and documents, which helps build and maintain strong relationships with your customers, as well as helping to build a sales pipeline.

We understand that obtaining new customers is almost 10 times as expensive as retaining an existing customer, so it's essential that you are able to serve your existing customers in an accurate, consistent and professional manner. Jim2 also allows you to prospect and sell to new customers with ease.


Fully Integrated CRM Functionality

The Jim2 CRM software is what we call CRM integration software – meaning that the Jim2 CRM functionality is built in to the entire business software platform of Jim2. It's not an add-on, it's not an afterthought... every single edition of Jim2 Business Engine contains our CRM software.


Customer, Supplier and Prospect Contacts Information

  • Full customer, supplier and trading partner contact information (Jim2 CardFiles).
  • Group customers and prospects by industry for market segmentation.
  • Group customers and prospects by size, number of employees, or any criteria you may want.
  • Group customers and prospects by marketing campaign for reporting.

Build a Full Sales Pipeline

  • Set sales and marketing related tasks for customers and prospects.
  • Create a sales call schedule.
  • Record your leads and prospect information.
  • Record your lead sources for later analysis.
  • Record your opportunities.
  • Record your conversations, including all emails and documents, with prospects.
  • Record actual labour spent on leads, and gauge the cost of sale.

Create Quotes

  • Create quotes and quote lists.
  • Set 'Status' of quotes (eg. Information Only, Sent Product List, Demonstration given, Negotiation Stage).
  • Allocate probability of sale percentage to each status (eg. Information 10%, Demonstration 25%, Negotiation 90% etc).
  • Quote lists sorted by probability percentage can be used for sales team meeting report.
  • Email quotes to customers and prospects, and store with related information.
  • Turn quotes into jobs, and gain visibility over interactions.

Capture Email Correspondence During the Sales Process

  • Full email capabilities within Jim2 itself ensure all correspondence, including attachments, is recorded and stored against a job, quote or purchase.
  • Flag when new emails are received into the system, visible from staff members' quote lists.
  • Create email queues based on sales enquiries, effectively extending Jim2 CRM functionality even further.
  • Use email templates to quickly respond to similar sales enquiries.
  • Email upcoming appointment/meeting reminders to prospects and customers.

Documents in the Sales Process

  • Email quotes, product specifications and current brochures to customers and prospects from Jim2 Business Engine.
  • Uncover a list of documents related and linked to the customer's file.
  • Update documents, applying version control, including name, date and comments to each document. Staff can find the past 10 versions in Jim2.
  • Highlight popular resources with counters showing how many times a document has been emailed.

Sales Reporting Tools for Sales Staff and Management

  • Forecast your sales by salesperson.
  • Forecast your sales by probability.
  • Forecast your sales by size of deal.
  • Forecast your sales by date required.
  • Tag customers and prospects with marketing campaigns.
  • Create sales-related follow up calls and tasks based on sales meetings.
  • Report on weekly labour for individual staff and the team.
  • Set up dashboard graphs and tables to visualise leads and sales funnel by team or individual.
  • Track sales income, or profit vs COGS, or even year-on-year comparisons direct from your live accounts.

Sales Appointment Scheduling and Follow Up

  • Create sales call list.
  • Schedule meetings, appointments and follow up.
  • Create reminders.
  • Allocate resources for sales calls/meetings (staff, equipment, meeting rooms).
  • Email reminders to customers and prospects of upcoming appointments/meetings.
  • Record labour timers for sales calls, visiting customers, demonstrations, etc.

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