Point of Sale Software (POS)
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Jim2 Business Engine Point of Sale software lets you simplify and streamline your retail sales processes so you can concentrate on what really matters for your business – making the sales!

Jim2 Business Engine POS software feature links your cash drawers or tills, barcode and serial number scanning, integrated docket printers, retail security and till reconciliation.

Jim2 POS software can handle ‘standard’ customer-based functions such as sales, returns, exchanges, laybys, gift cards, customer loyalty programs, quantity discounts, and much more. So there’s no need for a separate retail sales software or daily ‘upload’ to your GL – just identify which workstation(s) are to be used in your retail area to Jim2.

Jim2 Business Engine Retail Payment Collect Screen


Key features of Jim2 Retail/POS Software

  • You can link specific workstations to your cash drawer or till.

  • The Point of Sale docket report can activate the cash drawer once the payment has been entered for each invoice. This feature can be restricted with security.

  • Scan products and take payment. The 'Fast Invoice' function and keyboard shortcut (F6) to finish and invoice in one move.

  • A docket printer can be set up as an 'extra printer' linked to POS workstations. The Point of Sale docket report is designed to suit 76mm impact or 80mm thermal printers. You can of course choose to print/reprint to any of your other network printers using the standard A4 format invoice report.

  • You can reconcile the amounts from each till as part of your end-of-day routine, and make minor adjustments to cater for unders and overs prior to doing a normal banking session.

Typically, POS software handles the sales to the consumer, but it is only one part of the entire POS system used in a retail business. 'Back-office' computers handle other functions of the POS system such as inventory control, purchasing, receiving and transferring of products to and from other locations. What makes Jim2 such an effective tool in this whole system is the integration into the back end. Jim2 gives you enterprise management capabilities (ERP), integrating POS functions with your customer relationship management data, your quoting features and, of course, your accounting software.

And what use is all that data unless you can act upon it? In Jim2, sales information from the POS is readily available to the Jim2 sales reporting engine for easy analysis of sales trends and cost/price/profit analysis.

More info: If your business also sells services, read more about the service management software features of Jim2 here.


Integrate EFTPOS and Jim2 Retail Functionality

Further streamline your retail workflow adding eftpos to Jim2 Retail, integrating eftpos functionality for a seamless buying experience, and eliminating rekeying errors resulting from staff entering each sale into your eftpos terminal.

Tyro Payment Logo
Tyro Payments offer industry leading security, non-stop operation, and lightning-fast eftpos transactions at every sale, currently providing payment services to some of Australia’s best known brands, including Airport Duty Free, Bavarian Hospitality Group, CabFare, Chanel, Jaycar, Mecca Cosmetica, Medicare Australia, MONA, Nando’s, Readings Books, Toyota and the Westfield Group.

Experience the benefits integrating Tyro Payments eftpos with Jim2 Business Engine:

  • Create a fast, seamless, and accurate purchase experience for your customers.
  • Eliminate re-keying and administration for your team.
  • Print the customer's eftpos receipt with their invoice, providing a professional all-in-one record of purchase.
  • Offer alternatives to purchase, such as gift cards.
  • Plus, choose from a range of eftpos terminals to suit your needs.

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