Business Management Solution for the Apparel, Corporate and Workwear Industry

Jim2 Business Engine offers apparel, corporate and workwear businesses powerful job management functionality, exceptional stock control to also track stock attributes, integrated retail/POS and online shopping capabilities, flexible pricing options, informative document management, invoicing, full accounting, and real-time business reporting to grow your business.

An integrated ERP system, Jim2 incorporates workflow, job costing, accounting and business analysis, making the tracking, management and costing of every job as comprehensive and effortless as possible. Jim2 job management software is the key to improving the financial success of your business.

“The program looked impressive, and we were excited at the prospect of the immediate and up-to-date information that Jim2 produced for our business. I particularly like being able to run job lists to be able to see the exact progress of the jobs, and when they are due. I also like the profit report that could be run for each job.”

Kerry Richardson, Brandworx

Live FIFO Stock Control

  • The concept that your stock should not only include normal inventory, but also labour, tests and checks, ensures the real costs of inputs are able to be oncharged to your customers – accurately and consistently.

  • Jim2 can calculate stock quantity and pricing 'on the fly' using information from stock measures, stock locations, stock transfers, returns from customers, returns to vendors, purchase order and manufacturing job status, predefined selling price levels, volume price breaks and 'specific customer' pricing.

  • Jim2 prompts users to create back orders, or auto backfill on part receipt/supply of stock on jobs and purchases.

  • Live stock profit reporting by stock, account manager or sales person, customer, GL group – filtered by any combination of product and customer grouping, sales and servicing, stock location, supplier, kitted product by 'kit' or 'content', filtering by date range – even filtering by margin!

  • Only one stock record is required to identify a product. Jim2 handles multiple vendor codes and preferred vendor rankings.

  • Intelligent stock procurement functionality allows you to manage your stock levels based on history, usage, and fixed minimum quantity levels. Stock procurement works by first calculating which stock needs reordering, then allows you to automatically create the purchase orders and stock transfers needed to meet those requirements. Jim2 Stock Procurement will take into account excess stock levels available in other locations that could be 'transferred' rather than purchased.

  • Manage multiple stock and bin locations with optional Advanced Warehouse Management functionality.

Stock Attributes

  • Define multiple product attributes, such as size and colour, tracked on specific (depleting) stock.

  • Record individual product attributes on purchase (inward receipt), on sale (outward), or not at all.

  • Use the powerful List search in Jim2 to confirm whether you have ever sold or purchased by any combination of attributes, filtered by search parameters such as 'sold' date ranges.

  • Jim2 Stock Attributes can be set to 'Required' (must be recorded on purchase or sale), and either 'shown' or 'hidden' on the invoice to the customer.

Purchasing and Inward Goods Landed Costing

  • Purchases can be 'received' into your stock on hand count, and sold, then 'finished' on receipt of 'actual' vendor invoice. Jim2 will calculate an estimate COGS on receipt of stock for profit reporting and automatically journal the adjusted profit calculation when the purchase cost is finalised.

  • Link separate expense orders (duty, freight) directly to a purchase order to effect 'cost of goods' calculation.

Job Management

  • Assign jobs and quotes to staff with workflow statuses. Staff and management can create their own lists to monitor and work from.

  • Drill down to individual job, stock, purchase, quote, debtor and creditor records to view or edit.

  • Track email correspondence, notes, documents in the same place as stock, tests and checks. Schedule tasks, follow up phone calls, meetings, and actual labour using scheduling and timer functionality.

Any Document – Anywhere, Anytime

  • With Jim2 Business Engine as your complete business software, adding documents to this powerful package now opens the door to a whole new world of time savings and efficiencies.

  • Now enjoy finding any document from within Jim2 in seconds, rather than searching filing cabinets, network drives and email folders for product images, catalogues, internal support documents, and more.

  • Store any file format (PDFs, images, word documents, excel spreadsheets) in Jim2, plus have the added advantage of linking important documents to parts of your workflow that matter most – whether it's to a job, a customer, specific stock, or your staff.

The opportunities really are endless! Visit our Document Management page to find out more about this incredible feature.


Jim2® Mobile – Mobilise Your Business

  • The innovative iOS app which takes business management software out of the office and on the road.

  • The app's clean interface and simple navigation makes activities such as delivering to customers, adding and updating jobs and quotes, reading documents, checking appointments and responding to emails a breeze.

  • Customer signable reports enable field staff to collect customers' signed approvals, on the spot, to a quote, accpetance, onsite slip or delivery docket. The finalised document is then available in Jim2, linked to the job, quote, etc that it relates to.

Jim2® Business Engine Geared to Sell

  • Further streamline workflow adding Jim2 Retail and integrated eftpos functionality for a seamless selling experience. Integrate cash drawer, till reconciliation and eftpos to eliminate administration errors.

  • Jim2 eBusiness Link integrates your business management software with your website and online shopping cart, enabling electronic trading capabilities from your customers with your backend software. Integrate your shopping cart with Jim2 and receive orders directly to your workflow, ready to be picked, packed and distributed to the customer.


A key component of Jim2 Business Engine is the capacity to deal effectively with multicurrency transactions:

  • Full multicurrency including foreign currency bank accounts, sales, debtors, purchasing and creditors.

  • Single customer/vendor card file regardless of number of currencies used.

  • Automatic posting to either realised or unrealised profit/loss account on full payment of invoice/purchase or allocation of credit/prepayment order.

  • Easily see debtors/creditors in both foreign and current value in home currency.

  • Powerful foreign bank account reconciliation.

  • Easily see transactions related to specific currencies and related exchange rates, and home currency value.

  • Apply expenses to foreign currency purchase orders in any currency.

Live Management Reporting

  • Understand exactly how your business is progressing with Jim2 Business Engine displaying live data on screen, also available in customised reports. There creates a live link between jobs, purchases, stock and the general ledger of the business, ensuring all components of your business are talking with each other.

  • Live drill-down workflow overviews using Lists show exactly what's going on, for whom, by whom, and when it's due.

  • Comprehensive drill-down sales register shows all completed invoices and debtors purchase orders for any given period, and their value.

  • Detailed stock profit, stock reordering (minimum quantity on hand) and stock valuation reporting.

  • Comparison reporting against budgets, and live profit and loss by branch, sub-branch and GL department.

  • Job costing reports, profitability reports, job profit, labour daily reports, and actual time reporting – all available in Jim2

  • Full business intelligence dashboard offering visual performance reporting, instant debtors and creditors position, and job status (where each job is up to).

  • Over 230 practical and useful reports!

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