Service Management Software for Your Service Business

Jim2 Business Engine handles all your sales as well as your service needs – time, parts and billing.

Jim2 Business Engine has unique features that enable service industry businesses to manage their workflow, efficiently track labour and stock, and analyse all aspects of their service business.

In this screenshot, we are running a job list on all jobs currently in the system:

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Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition, specifically for businesses who perform service contracts for their customers. For information about POS see Point of Sale Software


Live Drill-down Workflow Overviews

  • Staff and management can create their own lists (of jobs, purchases, quotes, debtors, creditors) to monitor and work from.

  • Drill down to individual job, stock, purchase, quote, debtor and creditor records to view or edit.

  • Stock can be linked to a job, ensuring all details of the job are easy to find. 

  • Jim2 includes ‘live lists’ that can be set to refresh at specified intervals, so users can keep an eye on jobs as they change status.  

  • Drag and drop column sorting to give you your preferred views. 

  • ‘Pin’ (lock) lists in place to stop them being closed inadvertently, Pinned lists will autorun at logon, and remember previous settings. 

  • All email correspondence is included in the Comments grid and can also be viewed in the Preview pane.

After running a purchase order list, right clicking will bring up a number of options, including full PO drill down capabilities:


Productivity Reporting

Jim2 excels as job management software:

  • Use Jim2 Lists to give you a broad view of all work in progress, or use filters to narrow your view (ie. list only service jobs in progress)

  • Sort job list by due date or status due date to check performance (overdue jobs will show in red in the list). Drill down to check the why or who. 

  • Identify process bottlenecks or improvements using real data, rather than gut feelings. 

  • The Jim2 ‘Follow Me’ desktop feature means your staff can log in and work from any mobile device or workstation in your network with their own desktop views and security intact. Automatic Jim2 log-off (after x minutes of inactivity) can be set at a workstation level.  

  • The Jim2 Dashboard gives you a visual representation of the status on all your jobs, with the ability to drill down further by simply double clicking on a particular status.


Actual vs Billable Labour Tracking

Flexible scheduling software features:

  • Because you can define your own labour ‘types’ (travel, onsite, research, workshop) the job Labour grid builds real statistics on what’s really involved in a given task, to help you set selling prices more realistically.  

  • Use Management reports to give you actual labour recorded for any given period, for any staff member/s.  

  • Set a realistic, generalised ‘cost’ on each different labour you sell, and use profit reporting to give you a truer performance picture – without affecting the GL.  

  • Actual labour recorded does not automatically enter the (stock) billing grid – it’s your choice to add labour charges (or not) to the stock grid for invoicing. 

  • Labour KPI includes a day and week-to-date running total of actual labour, and also features fast and smart entry of time, including selection of time from a timeline grid.

An example of the Jim2 Job Labour Reporting Analysis


Stock Control

  • Fully featured stock control including FIFO management, dynamic kitting, batch tracking and customer-specific pricing. Read more about Stock Control Software

An Example of Jim2 Customer Specific Pricing


Serial Number Tracking

  • For quality control, vendor return or recall purposes, you can choose to trace serial numbers of specific (depleting) stock.

  • You can elect to record individual product serial numbers on purchase (inward receipt), on sale (outward), or not at all. 

  • Use the powerful and fast List search in Jim2 to confirm whether you have ever sold or purchased a specific serial number.

  • Stock ‘look-up’ accepts serial number scan for fast searching.

The Jim2® Serial Number Tracking Feature in Action

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