Manufacturing and Sales Software for Your Business

Jim2 Business Engine offers exceptional stock control to effortlessly manage
all aspects of your Manufacturing and Sales business. Stock management within the Jim2 Business Engine is one of the most comprehensive on the market.

The software technology developed for stock control sets Jim2 Business Engine apart from ordinary accounting packages, and makes Jim2 a true business application. The concepts that your stock should not only include normal inventory but also labour, tests and checks, ensures the real costs of inputs are able to be on-charged to your customers – accurately and consistently.

Key features in Jim2 allow you to manage:

  • Bill of materials manufacturing (including sub-assemblies)
  • Dynamic and static kitting
  • Serial number tracking
  • Batch tracking.

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Geared to Manufacture

Gain visibility over production progress and costs. Jim2's powerpacked workflow tools mean you can see where jobs are at.

Set which staff are qualified to perform the process, outline what stock, raw materials, labour, tests and checks are required, and save handy drawings and specifications for your staff to refer back to.

With inventory managed from the same system, see what products are in stock and order from vendors when needed. And if the building of a product isn't completed, unmanufacture the job to return everything back to stock.

Now that you're tracking assemblies and sub assemblies in Jim2, have the data you need to report on materials and overheads to ultimately reduce costs.

“Being a manufacturer of many small items that are included into our finished products, the ability to integrate the multi-level manufacturing capability into our ERP has been a game-changer.

"We can manufacture, stock and deplete items accurately, and have a thorough understanding of our raw material
and labour costs as well.

“Another added advantage to converting to multi-level manufacturing means that we can stock component items, ready to include in the finished manufactured items. It also means that as a business we can measure and assess our stock holdings at various locations."

Isaac Edmiston, Director of Sales/Marketing, Norweld Australia

Any Document – Anywhere, Anytime

With Jim2 Business Engine as your complete business software, adding documents to this powerful package opens the door to a whole new
world of time savings and efficiencies.

Find any document within Jim2 in seconds, rather than searching filing cabinets, network drives and email folders for planning documents, drawings, manuals, and more.

Jim2 offers incredible flexibility with this new feature. Store any file format (PDFs, images, word documents, excel spreadsheets) in Jim2, plus have
the added advantage to link important documents to parts of your workflow that matter most. Whether it's important to a job, a customer, specific stock, or your staff.

The opportunities really are endless! Visit our Document Management page to find out more about this incredible new feature.


An integrated ERP system, Jim2 incorporates workflow, job costing, accounting and business analysis, making the tracking, management and costing of every job as comprehensive and effortless as possible. Jim2 job management software is the key to improving the financial success of your business.

“The immediate benefit was the absolute clarity we gained in where we stood as a company.”

Darryl Anderson, Financial Controller, IBS Engineering Supplies & Innovative Solutions

Everything in One Place

  • Centralise important details – like business and customer documents, email correspondence, job history, and actual labour – with your job management workflow to keep every important detail in one place.

  • Find information in an instant, whether you are at the office or out one the road, via the powerful Jim2 Mobile app.

  • By implementing Jim2 you are able to do away with any manual systems you are holding on to, as well as replacing the many different pieces of software you are using to currently run your business.

  • Simply put – Jim2 significantly reduces the manpower and time needed to handle job tracking and management.

  • By reducing the number of applications you use in your business, you simplify your staff's technical requirements by providing one integrated system that runs your entire business.

Detailed and Quality Reporting

  • Job costing reports, profitability reports, job profit, labour daily reports and actual time reporting – all available in Jim2.

  • Full Business Intelligence Dashboard offering visual performance reporting, instant debtors and creditors position and job status (where each job is up to).

  • Over 230 practical and useful reports!

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