CommunicationsAccounting, Job Tracking and Quoting Software That is a Perfect Fit For a Communications Business

Radio communications, mobile communications and car audio businesses can all instantly benefit from Jim2 business management software.

As featured in Critical Comms magazine.

Jim2 Business Engine not only controls and tracks your stock, it also integrates the workflow and accounting components of your business, and giving you the ability to handle warranty claims, multicurrency, scheduling and more.

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Jim2 is a total business management solution for your communications business

Jim2 Business Engine is innovative Australian accounting software combined with service management (job tracking) and quoting software.

Jim2 gives you a live general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, quoting, invoicing, EFT payments, eftpos integration, GST reporting and more.

Find the tools your team use every day in one integrated solution – combine email correspondence and storing documents in Jim2 with all processes. Your team can
see the whole picture in seconds.

One integrated system

  • No add-ons, no bolt-ons, Jim2 Business Engine is an all-in-one system that manages your entire business.
  • An integrated business system offers businesses reduced administration, less keying errors, greater visibility across operations, better reporting, and improved profitability, as information readily flows from end to end.
  • Mobile connectivity takes Jim2 Business Engine out of the office and on the road, arming field staff with real-time access to your business system, ultimately improving customer service and communication internally.


Job tracking software made easy

  • Jim2 ties all stock (parts and labour) to jobs, thereby making your billing 100% correct, and not letting any costs of the job slip through the cracks. Jim2 tracks all serial numbers as well.
  • Understand exactly what stage every single job is at with Jim2 Business Engine, using workflow. Jim2 creates a 'workflow' from quote to sale to installation to invoicing to payment. With Jim2 you can tell exactly where each job is up to, who is working on it, exactly what parts they have used and the time taken to complete the job. This sort of information is not only critical for correct billing, it then becomes your quoting template for the next job, ensuring you charge the customer the right amount according to your gross profit margins.

Stock control, consignment stock and spare parts

  • Live FIFO stock control, easy to perform stocktake function, inward goods landed costs, multiple unit measures, price break levels, and stock grouping.
  • Using Jim2 Business Engine you are able to keep track of consignment stock ordered and sold – keeping you in control. This will save time and money in staff costs, and increase efficiencies in the long run.
  • Understand exactly how your business is progressing with Jim2 Business Engine displaying live data on screen, and also available in customised reports. There is now a live link between jobs, purchases, parts and the general ledger of the business – ensuring all parts of your business are talking with each other.

"Jim2 helps us manage everything that Central Communications does on a daily basis"

Marc Woods, Director, Central Communications

Tools for managed services

Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition is designed specifically for businesses that perform service contracts for their customers. Specifically designed for projects and service-based contracts, Jim2 enables businesses to also manage contracts/projects.

Group together any number of service jobs under the one contract (or project). Set up recurring billing to automate your administration. Automatically create jobs in advance. Plan all resources months ahead.

Inbuilt scheduling arms you with a fully integrated resource management tool and task list feature set that enables you to co-ordinate, track and manage your staff resources.

Better manage inventory, tests and checks that are specific to each type of contract you manage. Jim2's Kitting feature enables businesses to 'bundle' stock, confirm tests and checks when quoting and managing jobs..


Serial number tracking and warranty claims

Serial Number Tracking

Do you know who you bought a specific item of stock from, and when? Who you sold that same item to, and when?

Serial number tracking is designed to ensure you can track your stock to the original purchase order, the supplier's invoice, the customer's invoice, and even view its service history.

Warranty Claims

Customer warranty claims validate the exact date when an item was sold to a customer and whether it is still under manufacturer's warranty. For quality control, vendor return or recall purposes, you can choose to trace serial numbers of specific  stock. You can elect to record individual product serial numbers on purchase, on sale, or not at all. Use the powerful and fast List search in Jim2 to confirm whether you have ever sold or purchased a specific serial number. Stock ‘look-up’ accepts serial number scan for fast searching


Detailed and quality reporting

  • Job costing reports, profitability reports, project profit, contract profit, job profit, labour daily report and actual time reporting – all available in Jim2.
  • Full Business Intelligence Dashboard offering visual performance reporting, instant debtors and creditors position, and job status (where each job is up to).

  • Over 230 practical and useful reports!

"Jim2 has definitely helped RCS Telecommunications shave off a lot of time spent on document handling across the purchasing, technical, sales and admin teams. Jim2 is an integral part of our business"

Lawrie Nelson, Service Manager, RCS Telecommunications

Integrated document management

  • With Jim2 Business Engine as your complete business software, increase operational efficiencies, staff productivity, visibility and security by also storing documents within Jim2's workflow.
  • Easily find catalogues, price lists, stock images, customer requirement lists, internal support documents, certifications, etc. in any format (PDFs, images, word, excel), instead of searching network drives, email folders, and filing cabinets to grasp exactly what's going on.
  • Link key documents to parts of your workflow that matter most. Whether they relate to a job, an estimate, a customer, specific stock, or your staff. Combining document management, workflow solution and accounting package in one integrated solution, the opportunities really are endless!
  • With the functionality offered by Jim2, store your documents in a central repository, manage security access, tie them to related objects, and categorise what's in Jim2 to better understand what's saved next time you look at it.

Visit our Document Management page to find out more about this incredible new feature.


Jim2® Mobile – Mobilise your business

  • The innovative native iOS app that empowers businesses with a mobile solution that takes Jim2 out of the office and on the road.
  • Easy to use and simple to navigate, Jim2 Mobile gives your staff real-time access to Jim2 Business Engine, and makes it easy to confirm deliveries to customers, add/update jobs and quotes, plus instant access to read documents stored in Jim2, check their Schedule and respond to emails on the spot.
  • Customer signable reports power your field staff to seamlessly collect a customer's signed approval for a quote acceptance, onsite slip, or delivery docket, while they're on location. With a signed confirmation taken care of, the rest of your team will instantly find it saved and avalable to see in Jim2, linked to the job, quote, etc. that it relates to. Without running signed documents back to the office, see faster communication and information sharing between departments to invoice sooner and improve cashflow.

Visit Jim2 Mobile to find out more.


Reduced administration

  • By implementing Jim2, you are able to do away with any manual systems, as well as replacing the many different pieces of software you are using to currently run your business.
  • Simply put, Jim2 significantly reduces the manpower and time needed to handle job tracking and management.
  • By reducing the number of applications you use in your business, you simplify your staff's technical requirements by providing one integrated system that runs your entire business.

"Jim2 was up and running very quickly with minimal impact on my business during the process."

Marc Woods, Director, Central Communications

Quick and Easy Implementation

  • With Jim2 Business Engine you and your staff will be up and running in no time.
  • Happen Business provides onsite installation, training and data management, ensuring you are 100% up and running and trading using Jim2 in the quickest possible time.

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