Keep Everything in One Place with
Jim2® Document Management

Jim2 Business Engine includes a fully integrated document resource and security centre for all business documentation within this powerful ERP Software. Customer, product or service documents are securely stored and easy to find.

Managing important documents across any business is a complex task; often involving a mixture of filing cabinets, network drives and email folders. But there is a solution to manage every document in a way that's convenient and accessible to the entire team, adding documents throughout your ERP software using this poweful feature of Jim2 – Document Management.

Any Document, Anytime

  • Find documents in an instant, tied to the details it relates to, in one centralised location.
  • Never be without information, with access in the office or on the road with Jim2 Mobile.
  • Increase workforce efficiency, locating documents quicker than relying on multiple folders, drives, and searching traditional file management systems.
  • Enhance collaboration and consistency across the board with the most recent documents readily available at all times.
  • Eliminate the threat of misplacing files and unrestricted access.
Integrate documents with Australian ERP Software Jim2 Business Engine top

Fully integrated documents

Jim2 Document Management lets you to store brochures, business requirements, plans/drawings and user manuals (just to name a few) within Jim2 Business Engine. Now there's little reason to maintain separate network drives to securely store important business documents.

Jim2 Document Management lets you add, view, update and delete documents in any file format you wish (images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, etc), conveniently located in the Jim2 User Interface.

Store customer-signed reports from Jim2 Mobile, send catalogues to customers, push product images to your website and to customer invoices, and store key internal resources in this centralised location.

Document Management is a standard feature to all editions of Jim2 Business Engine.


Look up business documents and brochures from your mobile device using Jim2 Mobile Anywhere, Anytime Jim2® Mobile

Find complete access to Jim2 Documents from the palm of your hand, when partnering Jim2 Mobile with Jim2 client back in the office.

View your complete document library from Jim2 Mobile, and find added ability to also send documents to clients and prospects on the spot, supporting not only staff, but customers with real-time information.

Documents and signable reports empower your team with an incredibly valuable source of concise information. Available while out on a job, or at a meeting.

Your staff can even send a copy of the signed acceptance, or any document to your customer before
heading off to their next appointment. top

Emailing documents

Send documents via email within Jim2, using two new features available to all:

  • Include documents from Jim2 as email attachments.
  • Include documents as hyperlinks to an online external document.

Save online published document hyperlinks in Jim2 to provide to your email recipient with links to download, significantly reducing the size of your outbound email to a customer. This feature is perfect to distribute brochures also available at your business website.

To understand how popular a document is, Jim2 even keeps a tally of the number of times a document has been emailed from Jim2, helping you to keep tabs on the most popular documents.


Growing Jim2 Documents

Expand and add to Jim2 Documents feature in a number of ways:

Add documents to an object in Jim2, such as a particular job, quote, stock, card file, item, contract, or machine by simply selecting the documents to drag and drop from your desktop, or email to Jim2 to link the document directly to the record. Adding a document in this way hides it from general view in Jim2 to keep your system clean and uncluttered with highly specific documents.

Alternatively, add documents to the Jim2 document library by selecting 'Add a Document' on the ribbon, or simply drag and drop the file to Jim2 Documents. Adding a document this way will show in your document library. Now you are ready to apply any number of tags to sort your new documents within the library.


Completely Organised

Using folders, tags, categories and usage

Create a folder structure in Jim2 to easily navigate through, and organise documents in the Jim2 library. Essentially, there are three additional ways to expand on folders, and organise and categorise documents. You can assign tags/categories for greater insight into the types of documents you use, and usage to directly label a document's purpose.

These tags are really powerful, and help you to identify how you will use the images moving forward. A few uses you may adopt might include image, signed document or signature. In the future you may want to push product images to your website to assist customers in their online purchases, or register a staff signature to an order also signed by a customer. top

Beautiful to use

Our features are created to be user friendly – moving, adding, organising and labelling documents is just as easy:

  • Not only can you drag and drop a file into Jim2, also have the ability to select a document or multiple documents at once, and drag into a different folder with Jim2 Documents folder structure.

  • Documents which aren't frequently required can be hidden from general view in the document library. For example, a customer's signed contract can be set to 'Hidden', which enables you to view a library of widely used 'company' documents including brochures, product images and document templates available for everyday use, while keeping documents linked to a specific job or quote out of prominent view in Jim2 Documents (ie. signed contracts or plans). Selecting to 'Show Hidden' quickly uncovers important hidden documents to view in Jim2 Documents.

  • There are also a number of views of Jim2 Documents available to choose from, including details (list view), medium sized document icons and large document icons.

  • An added bonus is the ability to preview your selected document on screen, before opening the document.

  • Easily perform document searches from the available Search tab. Here, you can refine your search by file location, date updated, by user, card code, file size, folder, category or tags.

  • Like other lists in Jim2, users can create document lists to save types of documents to their navigation tree which are relevant to their role. Each list can be personalised with a different view.

Always up to date with version control

Jim2 is more than a document storage system – it's also a management system. The functionality of Jim2 Documents brings you complete assurance in maintaining the latest versions of your documents using version control features.

Jim2 Document Management includes ability to manage edits, performing a 'Check out' and 'Check in' action to take a document out of Jim2, update its content, and return it to Jim2, ensuring staff always have the most recent version on hand. It's also useful where a formal quality control system is required (ISO 9000, for example).

By 'checking in' a document, your team can add a document including full version control, identifying staff, date stamp and a complete description of amendments, along with user access security functionality.

manage multiple revisions of documents within your ERP Software

Document settings

User security settings enable you to assign access for users and roles to view, edit and delete documents from Jim2 Business Engine.