How to set up Happen Cloud and Jim2® Mobile

Thank you for purchasing the Happen Cloud and Jim2 Mobile.

To set up access to Jim2 Mobile and the Happen Cloud, you are required to:
  • have your Happen Cloud Account ID to create your Happen Cloud Access ID
  • configure the Cloud Services Jes module
  • download the Jim2 Mobile App from the Apple App Store on your Apple device(s)

You will receive your Jim2 Licence Key via email from Happen Business. This email includes an overview of your licences, plus your Happen Cloud Account ID number.

Once you receive the email with your Happen Cloud Account ID, please continue to complete the following steps to set up and start using Jim2 Mobile and Happen Cloud.

1. Upgrade your Jim2 universal (desktop) client to the latest release available

Please visit Download and Upgrade Jim2 to update your Jim2 universal (desktop) software to the latest version available from the Happen Business website.

2. Set up Cloud Services Jes module (on your Jim2 Server)

Using the Jim2 Configuration Manager (Jim2CM.exe), add the Cloud Services module to your Jes configuration. Press F1 in the Jim2 Configuration Manager for help.

Select the Cloud set up button to create an Access ID for this database.

Note: you will need your Happen Cloud Account ID for this. Your Happen Cloud Account ID is included in your licence key email. Contact if you require your licence key to be re-sent.

Once the Happen Cloud Access ID window (see below) is open, click New to create a new Happen Cloud Access ID number.

After selecting New, the following window 'Setup your Happen Cloud Access ID' will be displayed.

Follow the steps to create a new Access ID.

Note: If this is the first time you have used your Happen Cloud Account ID, then you will need to enter a new password. Remember this password. When subsequently using your Happen Cloud Account ID, you will need to enter the same password.

Now you have created your Access ID, you will need to enter this Access ID into your mobile devices.

3. Install Jim2 Mobile on your iOS device

Search for the Jim2 App in the Apple App Store and install the App on your device

Start the Jim2 App on your Apple device

Select the Settings Button in the lower right of the screen:

Select the + symbol to add the Happen Cloud Access ID

Enter your Happen Cloud Access ID as created in step 2. Select Done.

Once your Happen Cloud Access ID is entered, select the Sign In button and log on with your Web Logon ID (refer to the user tab on your CardFile) with the same password you us to log in to Jim2

Jim2 Mobile Tip:

Once you log in to Jim2 Mobile you can set up a four-digit pin number, rather than logging in using your username and password for each device. Select Options (bottom right hand corner) and click 'Set Pin Code' to type in your four-digit number, and then select confirm. This pin code is for your login on that device only.

Now that all the steps are complete, Welcome to Jim2 Mobile!