Most anticipated release of 2017

Jim2 Business Engine v4.1

This release to the leading all-in-one ERP software features new products, new functionality,
and enhancements to the powerful Jim2 suite of products.

Introducing Jim2.Cloud

The sky's the limit!

View the Jim2.Cloud RemoteApp for Jim2.Cloud

We're excited to officially launch Jim2-as-a-service, with the first cloud-enabled release by Happen Business. With many under the hood changes designed to enhance usage within cloud and on premises environments, Jim2.Cloud serves up the same look and feel of Jim2 Business Engine with the added benefit of flexibility and scalability that helps businesses to innovate and grow.

Jim2.Cloud bundles software licensing, Microsoft SQL licensing, software upgrades, patching, monitoring, maintenance, and daily geo-replicated backups in a single monthly subscription.

Our cloud environment, housed within the Microsoft Azure Datacentres, offers the highest levels of redundancy and failover, making Jim2.Cloud readily available to users with a high speed internet connection.

Jim2.Cloud uses the latest in Microsoft RemoteApp technologies found in Server 2016 to deliver the full Jim2 Client to PCs, Macs, iOS, and most other tablet and mobile devices.

We have developed Jim2.Cloud RemoteApp. This no-setup application provides a great cloud experience with a quick and simple login from any device.

As Jim2.Cloud is available in five editions, our team will discuss how your business operates, and what you're looking to achieve with business software to recommend the right software edition to achieve your goals.

Learn more about Jim2.Cloud, or check out the Compare Editions table to see which edition best suits your business.

While we're over the moon to officially release Jim2.Cloud, it's vital to know that we continue to sell, implement and support current and new customers with Jim2 On Premises and its current subscription model well into the future. The future development of Jim2 software equally applies to both on premises and cloud delivery of this powerful solution.


Easily set up new contracts and unified billing

New Project Templates for Managed Services and Managed Print Services

This exciting new Project Template feature enable businesses to pre-prepare contracts with a range of job types and associated actions to quickly set up new clients in Jim2 for their most popular projects. Signing up a new customer to a new contract? Choose from your list of project templates to easily set up the entire project activities in Jim2.

Jim2 now includes full dynamic kit support on jobs in the Jim2 Managed Services edition. This helps our customers to completely customise which stock is listed or hidden on an invoice, using dynamic kits on jobs (billing or otherwise). No more editing billing jobs to suit a specific product or client's requirements.

This is the most comprehensive addition to this exciting release – a huge win for our customers!

“By the way, great work on the latest update! You guys have been working very hard, and the team is excited about
some of the new features which have been introduced.

"We have arranged a training session tomorrow to ensure we are getting the most out of the Projects module,
given the new capabilities of Jim2.

The spellcheck was a big winner in here! It will save the girls a lot of time when invoicing. The new search features,
use of colouring, account code adding, etc. are all great improvements too!
Great work!.”

Michelle Cornick, Redfox Corporation


Work as a team

Share Jim2 Lists with other users

System administrators can now create role and user specific lists that can be published to other staff's profiles to keep everyone on the same page, and tasks progressing along the path to completion.

It's a really fantastic addition to help organise information for outbound staff using the Jim2 Mobile App. Create job lists, quote lists, and more to help staff quickly find their allocated tasks.

Lock down workflow and publish task lists to multiple users using Jim2


Spread the word

Send bulk emails from lists

We have super powered the bulk email function within Jim2 to now be actioned from quote, job and project lists in addition to CardFile lists. Select from a comprehensive range of recipient types to send a templated email to your audience. For email sent to a job or quote list, uncover a copy of the email tagged to the associated object.

This new feature, when paired with a third-party email-to-SMS provider, lets you keep in contact with your customers via SMS. Let them know a technician is on their way, or log a job from a customer's SMS.


Adjust your schedule

Need to reorganise jobs due this week? Simply drag Due Jobs Active in the Scheduler to a new time, date or user. See the job updated with the change in Jim2.

Reassign Jobs and Due dates within Jim2, ERP Software  

Information anywhere, anytime

New Jim2 Online Help Resource

 Jim2 Online Customer Support Resource

The new web-enabled Help File features a new 'clean, flat' look and continues to deliver content-specific information that relates to what you are working on in Jim2. This valuable resource includes v4.1 updates, and is regularly published with enhanced content. Users can bookmark important pages, send key information to others, and read new additions the moment it's published.

Navigate the Help File using the table of contents, keyword index, or search topic sections. Users will find the keyword index is now much more comprehensive, and will continue to be expanded into the future.

The Jim2 Help File continues to be accessible from the Jim2 menu (F1).


Eloquent, accurate and organised

New spell check and auto-correct features, plus new filter, search and grouping capabilities

Jim2 now sports spell check in key text areas of Jim2 to make sure notes always say what they need to say. Turn on Autocorrect to cut niggly typos from your correspondence.

Spellcheck new to Jim2 Business Engine ERP Software

Jim2's Comments grid has also been enhanced to include new filter options to sort and select a date, status or user's entry, new Find panel to search for specific text, and new hierarchical grouping options as found in Jim2's lists, giving users far greater control over how they organise information. Saving the layout locks your settings in place.  

New display and filtering controls to the comments grid in Jim2 Business Engine

“Rob from Seymour Ag here – just tried the new search tool and it looks great! A very easy way to find things. Great work.”

Rob Richardson, Seymour Ag Supplies


Enhancements for Managed Print Services customers

Configurable CSV Connector, collection of meter reads at Service Request when using eBusiness Meter Reads, net overs and clawback fields available to display on invoicing, Meter Read tab improvements, QR barcode compatibility, and new flexibility added to job templates.


Real-time data anywhere

Additions to Jim2 Mobile including prices, quantity on hand (also by attributes), and purchase statistics from the mobile app when used in conjunction with Jim2 v4.1.


And many more enhancements

  • New Schedule overview enhancements
  • New stock option to only supply stock that's available, and not backorder specific stock items
  • More flexibility added to the GL Account lookup
  • Enhancements to Jim2 Search
  • New adaptive layout, login screens, and clean, flat user interface
  • New enhancement to flag customers on credit hold from a job list
  • New additions to track users creating purchase orders
  • New enhancements to flag manufacturing quantity during stock procurement
  • New server backup options.


There's Much More

There's plenty more changes included in this release, so check out the Version 4.1 Release Notes.

To all Jim2 customers, when you're ready to make the move to the latest release, update now to Version 4.1.


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