Jim2® Business Engine Version 3.3

 All New Features and Enhancements

This latest Jim2 upgrade introduces new features and enhanced functionality across nearly all areas,
including a completely new billing engine for Managed Print Services.

Take a tour of the latest version of Jim2 Business Engine, with new Tyro integration,
enhancements to email integration, and more...



Electronic Payments

Quick Add CardFile
Quick Add CardFile now allows you to add Vendor CardFiles on the fly.

User Passwords
Change user password, and new password security options are now available.

Choosing Invoice Layouts
You can now specify invoice layouts used (based on job type) at a CardFile level.

New Debtors Direct Debit feature
Electronic Payments now supports direct debit debtor payments. This allows an easy way to process payments from your customers, such as monthly service fees.

Payments can be made into a nominated bank account, or held back in Banking (Unbanked Funds) for reconciliation.

Generate an ABA file for the bank to debit your customer's bank account directly from within Jim2.






Following the new  email functionality introduced in Jim2 v3.2, all emails sent and received via Jim2 are stored within the Jim2 database


The new Email Archiving feature provides methods to be able to archive or delete emails based on rules.


These rules can be overridden on specific emails, if required.


And of course, you can also restore archived emails, as well.

Labour KPI Indicator

The status bar now includes a day and week-to-date (WTD) running total of actual labour. Clicking on the indicator will open the Time Sheets, providing a detailed view of the labour totals.


Actual Labour Enhancements

Labour entry now provides new default entry options, and an updated labour entry screen.


The Labour Entry screen also features faster and smarter entry of time, including selection of time from a timeline grid.


Stock Attributes

 Stock Procurement

The majority of attributed related enhancements have to do with the ability to display and select attributed stock based within a matrix (eg. Size vs Colour pair) and the ability to preselect attributes for attribute configurations that are not in stock.


Enhancements, especially in the area of bound List attribute pairs include:

  • New Bound List Attribute Setups
  • Improved Stock Attribute template creation
  • New Attribute Options
  • New 'Matrix style' Attribute selection

Min Low/High

This provides a sliding window for ordering stock using Stock Procurement.

Show All Stock

The 'Show All Stock' tick box shows all stock, regardless of whether it requires ordering/transferring or not.


Add to Existing Purchase Order

You can now easily add all stock returned in a procurement session to an open Purchase Order. Choose the Vendor and then select the PO you wish to add to, and then run the session as normal.

Tyro eftpos Integration


 Managed Services

Direct integration between Jim2® and the Tyro EFTPOS terminal eliminates the need for staff to manually enter the sale amount into their EFTPOS terminal.

Tyro settles funds next business banking day into your nominated banking account, ensuring you don’t have to wait long!

The speed of the transaction will help keep your staff serving customers and may even reduce the need for casual staff during busy periods.

Project Overview
There is now a new Overview tab on the Project Screen.
This gives a good overview of the current state of the project by comparing accepted quotes against invoiced and non invoiced jobs.
The Project lookup on the quote screen links Projects to Quotes, which will be used in the Overview.

  Managed Print Services

All New Billing Engine

The entire engine behind MPS billing has been completely redesigned and is extremely powerful and flexible.


This new billing engine now  takes into account all intricate billing types, such as split billing, unders and overs billing.


This splitting out of the charges can also give you an effective tool to determine clients who are consistently doing over their minimum allocation.
Bill clients on different frequencies
– charges on a single machine or contract can be billed to any number of clients at different frequencies.
Tracking or 'non billable' meters – setting up your machine's meters with the rental component and marking it as 'non billable' allows you to track the rental component.
Charges based on date range – you may have some meter charges that only apply for certain date ranges.


This might be because a particular charge doesn't come into effect until the second year of a contract, or you may want to set up increased charges ahead of time.


Now you have that flexibility.
'Clawback under' charges – in a perfect world, clients would send in their readings on time and your billing process would be straightforward.


In the real world, you need to be able to bill a client their minimum charge without receiving one or more reads.


Now you can optionally allow for any under charges to be used to offset any over charges the client may have in the following month.

Consumables Preview

One of the biggest costs to your business is toner usage and supply. Until now, being able to track toner has been based on a preset coverage per page. Charges are usually based on 5% coverage, and this is rarely what’s actually being printed. It’s usually much higher than that.
A powerful new feature in Jim2 v3.3 is the Consumables Preview pane on both Machines and Jobs related to Machines. Here you can view all yield information on consumables, such as toners, fusers, servicing, and when these were last supplied.
Jim2 gives you much more flexibility than ever before by allowing you to set up toner yield percentages based on actual ink coverage. These percentages can be set to different levels for each colour as well.

Master Contracts

Maintaining Master Contracts has been greatly simplified by allowing changes to the Master that can be pushed to all child machines.
Track every page against the Master Contract to determine how far through a volume-based contract your client actually is, and tailor your offerings to client needs.

New MPS Connectors

There are three new MPS Connectors available:

  • Konica Minolta - copier meter reads, services and consumables requests direct into Jim2
  • Konica Direct - automatically handles the spreadsheet sent to Konica dealers
  • Toshiba - incorporates meter read information collected by Toshiba and automatically creates customer billing

Other New Features

  • Jim2 v3.3 is fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • You can send your entire stock list to your customers with the new Customer Vendor Feeds
  • We’ve tweaked the Debtors and Creditors with some cool things, such as the amount overdue is now included in the summary
  • Produce run sheets and labels for couriers in Dispatch, and you can change things here on the fly as well
  • The User Interface has new and faster skins
There's plenty  more, so check out the Release Notes for:

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