Jim2® Business Engine Version 3.1

 New Features & Enhancements

Take a tour of the brand new version of Jim2 Business Engine. Jim2 now features a Business Intelligence Dashboard, full EFTPOS integration, Managed Print Services enhancements and much, much more. Read on...

Jim2 Dashboard

No matter what data you want to see, you will be able to create a Dashboard in Jim2 that suits your needs. Examples include Debtor/Creditor, Account Watch, and Status Watch. This is FULLY CUSTOMISABLE for your business.

  • Key Performance Indicators for your business
  • Business Intelligence 'at a glance'
  • General Ledger financial information
  • Debtors and Creditors watch
  • Service Management Dashboard - see status of ALL Jobs in your system.
  • Fully customisable Business Intelligence Dashboard

EFTPOS Integration – New Retail Feature

Jim2 Business Engine takes care of the front end of your business in the same careful way it manages all the behind-the-scenes transactions.

The integration of EFTPOS allows Jim2 to communicate directly with your EFTPOS machine, greatly improving card processing time, and reducing errors by eliminating any manual re-keying.

Jim2’s EFTPOS integration works with most major banks and EFTPOS machines by using the industry standard PC EFTPOS software. The PC EFTPOS software is available freely directly from the PC EFTPOS website. The installation and setup of a suitable EFTPOS machine should be done directly via your existing bank.

  • No more double keying
  • More efficient sales process
  • Option to print receipts or not
  • Multiple tills can use the same EFTPOS machine

Improved Invoicing

Jim2 v3.1 includes many invoice-related improvements to make the entire invoicing/billing process so much easier.

We've managed to make Jim2 even MORE flexible in the way you can accept payments. We've made these retail enhancements to Jim2 based on user feedback from our Customers. The Jim2 invoicing screen now clearly shows which workstation the Till is connected in the upper left hand corner.

Invoicing has never been so easy!

  • Completely new invoice screen
  • Ability to apply multiple payments of the same type at the same time
  • 'Kick till' based payments type
  • Auto send batch invoicing

Reassigning Users

One of the major difficulties in a service-based environment is reassigning jobs. If an employee takes annual leave or decides to part ways with the company, that doesn't mean the company should grind to a halt!

Jim2 lets you reassign all the task / jobs to another user - thereby making sure that the responsibility of completing that job is not lost when the employee is not present to do the work.

This ability to reassign tasks/jobs also comes in very handy if someone calls in sick. Simply run a "Job List", sort by user, then reassign all those tasks who will be able to complete the work.


Debtors and Creditors Contra

Again, another request from our Customers! Often you will have payments to make AND receivables to collect from the SAME SUPPLIER. Wouldn't it be easy if you could apply credits to certain Suppliers, and consequently only have to make (or receive) one payment? Yes it would, and Jim2 does exactly that.

  • Contras work from both Debtors and Creditors
  • A full reconciliation is provided for you to pass onto your Suppliers so they can see the Debtors/Creditors contras clearly. (Many Suppliers actually DEMAND this.)

Jim2 Managed Print Services Edition
(formerly Jim2 Photocopier Edition)

Our industry-leading Managed Print Services and Copier Accounting software has undergone a name change, and has been given an extraordinary amount of extra features. Again, of the new features in Jim2's MPS Edition have been driven by our Customers (after all, who knows your industry better than YOU?).

Check out these fantastic features to automate and streamline your MPS business:

  • Prepaid pages
  • New page request method 'text email'
  • Price revision filtering
  • New macros
  • Default Fault and Invoice descriptions
  • Billing - 2 yearly, 3 yearly
  • Watchout Notes on consumables jobs
  • Phone number now displayed on machine form if requested by phone
  • Auto login URL for eMeter Reads

Jim2 eBusiness Vendor Feeds
(Stock information feeds within Jim2)

With Jim2 Business Engine as your complete business accounting software, Jim2 eBusiness opens up a whole new world of time-savings and automation of repetitive tasks. You can now enjoy looking up your Suppliers' pricelists from WITHIN Jim2, rather than calling, faxing, emailing and websurfing for prices.

At present we have 4 Vendors on board for Jim2 eBusiness:

  • Ingram Micro, EDSYS, Dicker Data and Ricoh
  • We have developed a 'generic' feed method for Jim2 eBusiness so that you have the ability to bring ABSOLUTELY ANY SUPPLIERS' PRICELIST into Jim2 Business Engine. All you need to do is call us!

Jim2 Managed Print Services Integration

We are able to integrate with the industry-leading MPS software to automatically bring in Meter Reads and then prepare your billing.

Can you imagine the time you will save by automating the Meter Read process?

At present we are pleased to announce that Jim2 currently integrates with the following:

  • PrintSolv's FM Audit
  • Ricoh's @Remote
  • Canon's eMaintenance


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