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Jim2® Business Engine is specifically designed to meet the needs of growing Australian businesses.

Explore the solutions below for more information on how Jim2 Business Engine can take your business to the next level:

  • Issue: My business has outgrown our current accounting software.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine can expertly manage all aspects of your accounts – from Accounts Payable/Receivable, electronic funds transfer, GST and BAS reporting. Not only that, Jim2 Business Engine is a complete business management solution that offers superior stock control, business analysis, multicurrency abilities and more.

    Read more: Jim2 Business Engine Accounts feature, and what else Jim2 Business Engine can offer your business.

  • Issue: I need an integrated solution that covers all aspects of my business.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine is more than just accounting software – it's business management software. Jim2 Business Engine was specifically designed not only to look after accounts, but also to provide a front-end interface to manage business workflow, business processes, and to provide a quality system framework. With full email capabilities and document management built in, there is also no need for an external email or document management program.

    Read more: Business Management and ERP Software, part of all editions of Jim2 Business Engine.

  • Issue: I want the freedom to choose to run our ERP software from the cloud or on premises platforms.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine is available as an on premises platform or from the cloud as an App. Customers can move from one to the other as their IT infrastructure requires.

    Read more: Jim2.Cloud, Jim2 Business Engine Premium Edition, and Compare Editions.

  • Issue: I need timely and accurate reports.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine's Dashboard feature lets you see your business performance at a glance, and its powerful Reporting and Business Analysis features let you monitor every aspect of your business in detail.

    Read more: Jim2 Business Engine Reports & Analysis and Dashboard features.

  • Issue: I have unique types of stock that other software can't handle.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine is able to handle any type of stock or stock variations with the clever Kitting & Packaging feature allowing stock to be 'bundled' into custom groups.

    Read more: Jim2 Business Engine Stock features, Kitting & Packaging option.

  • Issue: I have dealings in several countries and need multicurrency support.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine has full Multicurrency support, so you can accurately measure realised and unrealised gains/losses due to currency fluctuations.

    Read more: Jim2 Business Engine Multicurrency option, available for any edition of Jim2 Business Engine.

  • Issue: I need to see email correspondence with sales and service tracking.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine lets you streamline email correspondence with sales orders and service management to form a detailed overview of all communications.

    Read more: Jim2 Business Engine Integrated Email feature.

  • Issue: I could really benefit from storing documents with jobs, quotes and stock.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine lets you move documents stored across different folders and network drives straight into Jim2. Link files with stock, customers, jobs, quotes and purchases. Track document updates using named version updates, keep past copies for future reference.

    Read more: Jim2 Business Engine Integrated Document Management feature.

  • Issue: I need my outbound sales and service staff to be able to update tasks, schedule appointments, collect customer signatures, and track actual labour.

    Solution: Jim2 Mobile connects your staff to Jim2 out on the road. Schedule appointments, update jobs, note sales progress, respond to emails, view documents, see customers sign 'on glass' in an instant.

    Read more: Jim2 Mobile.

  • Issue: I need software to effectively manage projects.

    Solution: Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition helps you to keep on top of service-based contracts, manage multiple jobs, billing and accounting in one integrated package.

    Read more: Jim2 Managed Services Edition.

  • Issue: I need software that makes it easy to confirm pricing from vendors.

    Solution: Jim2 eBusiness Connect works seamlessly with Jim2 Business Engine to provide you with electronic trading capabilities between you and your suppliers.

    Read more: Jim2 Managed Services Edition.


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