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A completely unique approach to managing your business

Introducing Jim2 Business Engine Mobile Edition: the innovative mobile application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which takes business management software out of the office and onto the road.

Perfect for frontline staff, management and business owners, Jim2 Mobile seamlessly integrates with Jim2 Business Engine to streamline business processes, drive real-time workflow, and connect your team with live information from any location.

Jim2 Mobile is carefully created to ensure that it provides users with the same simple and intuitive user experience they've come to expect from Jim2 Business Engine. A clean interface and simple navigation makes activities such as checking appointments and emails, adding and updating jobs and quotes, and reading documents a breeze.

Are you mobile ready? Take a look at the features at a glance.

What's happening today?

Keep all the daily tasks and information you need in one spot. Check the calendar to see today, tomorrow and next Monday's scheduled jobs, tasks and to-do tasks in a second.

Schedule new activities, and easily access more detailed information in a few taps.

Drive new sales

Jim2 Mobile lets you manage and update leads on the spot. Use quote lists to keep your finger on the pulse with live access to notes, stock availability, receiving and sending emails, brochures and supporting documents and scheduled appointments while out of the office.

Find complete insight into your customer at your fingertips. Access their contact details, map locations, and track their interactions linking their quotes, purchases, jobs and payments together in one solution.


Manage jobs in real time

Find an instant link to assign, update and manage service jobs and sales orders live in your business software. Create lists to organise tasks in your workflow, and update notes, stock and labour on the spot, available to the support team back in the office.

Track materials/stock, tests and checks performed by staff onsite or in the workshop, and have information on all jobs logged for the customer readily available. Easily access business support manuals and documents related to the task at hand.

Check your schedule

Easily keep track of your upcoming meetings, site visits and business appointments from the Jim2 Schedule. Uncover a real-time list of confirmed activities for the week, and even add new appointments instantly.

View a colleague's assigned jobs for today, next week or next month, or view only select resources from Jim2 Mobile. Finding more information is easy – just jump from the scheduled task to the job it relates to seamlessly in Jim2 Mobile.


Track actual labour, live

Jim2 Mobile makes it simple to track actual labour as it happens using timers – travelling to the next job, starting work onsite, or kicking off a meeting. Simply start a timer and understand where numerous hours and minutes are best spent in your business.

Timer functionality enables you to start, pause and stop timers to account for breaks, or alternatively enter start and stop times as required.

Any document, anywhere

Bring documents found across shared folders, network drives and email accounts into one location, storing important business documents in Jim2 to access on your mobile device.

Take a look at brochures, images, forms and manuals, linked to Jobs, Quotes, Stock or CardFiles, and even AirDrop helpful information to customers in seconds.


Signed. Saved. Sent

Jim2 Mobile just became even more versatile with the release of new customer-signable reports. Capture a client's signature on the spot, and see the newly signed document automatically saved in Jim2 with other sales and service information.

Need a customer copy? Simply email or AirDrop their signed approval from Jim2 Mobile.

The addition of signable reports enables you to add onsite forms, signable quote acceptances and delivery slips to free your business of paper forms for good.

Custom signable and non-signable reporting solutions is a readily available service from Happen Business.

Organised email conversations

Business emails are completely managed within Jim2, and are found linked to the relevant job, customer, transaction and/or process. Since emails and mailboxes are accessible from Jim2 Mobile you don't need to wait to get back to the office to check your messages for the day.

Now you see them instantly!.


Contact details in an instant

Find complete customer, supplier and staff information at your fingertips. With a tap, quiickly call from your iPhone, and look up driving directions from maps.

Jim2 Mobile enables you to manage customer relationships by touch. Link Tasks and Jobs to CardFiles to keep all relevant information linked together, and easily accessible. Find address details, transactions, notes, accounts, documents, emails and reports, on hand and readily available


Live stock availability

Check current stock levels on the spot in real time via the Happen Cloud, with options to select location, or only show what's in stock now.

PLUS, simple swipe to select/add stock in seconds, dramatically decreasing order entry time.

Scan Jim2 Barcodes

Simply scan Jim2 barcodes to search and open a Job, Quote, Stock, Project and Machine in an instant.

Incredibly fast, amazingly convenient.

This feature is available to customers running the latest version of Jim2 client, available from the Latest Update page at this webiste, and Jim2 Mobile, available from the App Store.


Easy to Navigate

Happen Business is dedicated to developing business software that's easy to use, and features the latest technology – perfect for small and medium businesses.

Create a pin code entry to access Jim2 in an instant, and always find your most recently opened items by tapping 'Recents' in the main menu. Swipe right to add stock, swipe left to remove stock. Tap a job to open, and edit to update as it happens.

Projects, Contracts & Machines

Easily view Managed Services and Managed Print Services Contracts and Projects, along with all related Jobs, contract details, and billing and consumables status.

Quickly create Project related Jobs, including service, and even MPS billing jobs!

Jim2 Mobile includes features created specifically for managed print service businesses, including easy-input Service Meter Reads and trackable Yields.


Your Ideal Solution

Ideal for:

  • Sales people out and about with customers to check real time stock levels and create quotes on the spot, meaning no need to return to the office. They now have customer information, documentation, email correspondence and more – on hand, ready to pick up where their last conversation left off.

  • Technicians and service staff have their tasks at their fingertips. Jim2 Mobile’s integrated Timers allow them to simply and easily keep track of labour and travel hours dedicated to each Job. New signable reports mean staff can grab the final signature before they are on their way.

  • Managers and business owners access vital stats on your business wherever you are. Take Lists with you when you’re out of the office, and keep your finger on the pulse.


Welcome to Happen Cloud

Connecting data managed on premises to Jim2 Mobile.

How it Works

Your data is safely connected to the main office database via the secure Happen Cloud, keeping everyone in sync across the system. Robust built-in security levels mean that sales staff and service technicians see their own tasks and schedules, while managers and owners have access to deeper information and detailed real-time reporting. The Happen Cloud is key to secure data storage and transfer between the office database and mobile devices.

Take your business to the next level by adding the Happen Cloud to your subscription to Jim2 Business Engine, and you're ready to go.

When accessing this powerful native app, you draw on two types of user licences: 'Mobile only' licence, designed esclusively to access Jim2 Mobile, and the Jim2 Universal Licences offering users access to the native app or Jim2 on the desktop.


Users need just 2 things in order to access the full power of Jim2 Mobile:

1. Access to the Happen Cloud

The Happen Cloud partners with a current Jim2 Client subscription to enable secure data transfer and storage between your Jim2 database and Jim2 Mobile users. It essentially connects your staff on the road to the office using Jim2. A single Happen Cloud connection connects one (or more) databases to Jim2 Mobile users, and is available in an annual recurring subscription.

2. Access with a Jim2 User Licence

Here you can choose the licence structure to suit your needs. Select from two styles of licences to access Jim2 Mobile:

Jim2 Mobile Licence: A reduced-cost annual subscription licence that is exclusive to mobile devices. This licence does not offer access to the desktop version of Jim2, but is ideal for users who only require specific functionality away from their desk, such as technicians or sales staff.

Jim2 Universal Licence: A comprehensive annual subscription that offers staff Jim2 access from both desktop and mobile devices. For our existing customers, the addition of the Happen Cloud extends their current Jim2 licence access beyond in-office use, to also enable mobile access. Contact us to discuss which licences best suit your business.

Now available for download in the App Store

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