Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition Business Software to Manage Service Contracts

Recurring billing giving you dramas? Moving to more service-based contracts? Need your Managed Services software integrated with your accounting and billing system? Your solution is Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition.

Jim2 Managed Services Edition is designed specifically for businesses that perform service contracts for their customers.

Jim2 Managed Services Edition has all the features and functionality of Jim2 Business Engine, as well as additional features that manage your service contracts, recurring billing and prepaid labour, making Jim2 Managed Services Edition perfect for any service-oriented industry.

Available via an on premises or cloud platform, delivered as an App.

Created specifically for:

  • Companies to offer managed services (maintenance contracts, remote monitoring, etc).
  • Project-based businesses that need to group together resources/stock/financial information.
  • Any kind of service-based business with SLA arrangements (service level agreements).

Latest Features of Managed Services Edition

Streamline project creation – Jim2 v4.1

A huge release for Managed Services customers, project templates take the work out of setting up new contracts in Jim2. Create a range of detailed templates for your most popular contracts, and turn the drudgery of repetitive job administration into the delight of just one click.

Always forgetting to add important steps to a project? Project templates ensure you'll never forget! They guarantee the finer details aren't missed – tick all the boxes, include all the revenue, maximise the margins, minimise the risks.

With workflow taken care of, focus on key details presented on your invoice using dynamic kitting to bundle stock, and show or hide stock lines from the outgoing invoice. This addition offers outstanding control over information captured in your software, and information sent to customers.

Learn more about the latest release.

What's included?

The Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition includes the following options in addition to the core Jim2 Business Engine.

  • Contract or project functionality to:
  • Streamline contract setup using project templates.
  • Group together any number of service jobs under the one contract (or project).
  • Set up recurring billing to automate your administration.
  • Automatically create jobs in advance.
  • Plan all resources months ahead.
  • See all important customer information together in one place – from emails to notes, documents to contact details.
  • Prepaid labour to keep tabs on services purchased up front.
  • Scheduling – a fully integrated resource management and task list feature set that enables you to coordinate, track and manage your staff resources.

Get more from Jim2 Business Engine

We also recommend adding these optional extra features to your software:

  • Jim2 Mobile, empowering staff with anywhere access to jobs, scheduling, stock, documents, email and more – in real time.
  • Jim2 eBusiness Connect – Link your suppliers' price lists with Jim2. View, quote and order from your suppliers electronically, with price list and warehouse information fed directly into Jim2 Business Engine.
  • Jim2 eBusiness Service, enables customers to book new service jobs online, and follow their progress to resolution.
  • Jim2 Retail/POS, streamlining cash drawer, till reconciliation and optional EFTPOS functionality in one solution.

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