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Jim2® Business Engine Combines Business Accounting Software and ERP Software in One Integrated Package.

Designed, developed and supported in Australia, Jim2 Business Engine is a complete business solution delivering the latest technology in business management software to small and medium-sized businesses.

The powerful features of Jim2 enable owners and managers like you to manage every aspect of your workflow cycle and solve frustrations resulting from outgrowing your current software.

Thousands of Australians are using Jim2 right now in industries such as IT, Photocopier, Managed Print Services, Stationery, Wholesale and Distribution, Communications, Agricultural, Warehousing, Retailing, Professional Services, Engineering, Hire & Sales, Manufacturing, Apparel, Marine, Sub-contractors and Import/Export operations.

Our software reduces administration costs, automates processes, producing meaningful reports and business intelligence for better operational management, and growing your business.

Accounting Functionaltiy


Live general ledger, debtors and creditors. BAS calculation (accrual or cash). Analyse profit & loss and balance sheet onscreen by day, week, month, quarter, year or total. Also includes Multicurrency. More >

Business Workflow Software


Productivity reporting, live management information, actual vs. billable labour tracking, process start/stop triggers, definable security. More >

Integrated Documents with ERP Software

Document Management

Store any document you like, including valuable customer documentation and up-to-date product information, sharing a wealth of information amongst your team. More >

Mobile Connectivity

Jim2® Mobile

Anywhere, anytime, you're connected! Jim2 Mobile is the innovative iOS app that takes your business out of the office and onto the road with the features you need when you need them. More >

Email Ticketing Functionality


Incredibly unique fully integrated email. All emails in and out are managed and tracked within Jim2, converting disjointed exchanges into organised conversations. More >

Task Scheduling Functionality


Coordinate, track and manage all staff resources. Jim2 enables you to manage and schedule labour, such as jobs, tasks, meetings, phone calls, appointments and leave, easily across your business. More >

Service Management Software

Service Management

Manage your orders more effectively, tracking every step of the process without re-keying a thing. Track and measure labour, stock, tests/checks, and billing with ease. More >

eBusiness Integration

eBusiness Enabled

True business-to-business electronic commerce including electronic purchase orders, stock availability, and virtual warehousing. Also integrate with your online store. More >

Customer Relationship Software

Sales Management

Nurture leads with confidence, and progressively prioritise opportunities, enabling your team to maximise their prospects. Jim2 gives you a 360o view of your new and existing customers. More >

Retail Functinoality

Retail Sales and POS

Linked to your cash drawers/tills, barcode and serial number scanning, integrated docket printers, retail security and till reconciliation.  More >

Business Reporting Functionality


Extremely powerful and flexible Reporting brings you live data on every area of your business. Instantly see workflow, sales, stock profit, productivity, complete profit and loss as it stands – at this very moment. More >

Business Analysis Functionality


Monitor your performance in easy-to-understand graphs and tables. Choose your key figures, reports, feeds and summaries, then sit back and let Jim2 keep you completely up to date. More >

Manufacturing Functionality


Monitor the manufacturing process live, updating inventory levels and General Ledger entries automatically on completion. More >

Inventory Management Software

Stock & Warehouse Management

Combine a range of inventory into a ‘bundle’ when quoting and selling. Gain control of your warehouse, deliver better customer service and control labour costs. More >

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